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The Living Legend

Juicy Fruit 18mo. @ The 09 Maryland Bully Expo 2

Atomic Dogg 10th issue




One of the BEST FEMALES in the world. The one and only Juicy Fruit. This is the foundation of Atlanta Kennel, and the dog that guided us on our journey.  With 1st place wins in California, Texas, Maryland, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Tennessee, Juicy proved time and time again to be one of the top dogs in the nation. To this day she's the only east coast champion with a major win on the west coast. Juicy is extremely short and compact with muscle, head, bone, and body. She was the original female pocket champion, and a true trendsetter of what the ABKC would become in the coming years. Shes produced our dogs Goodie, Ch Lil Fruit, Ch Dirty Bird, and Jenny Juice. Her blood will always be a cornerstone of Atlanta Kennel. She was unstoppable in her days in the ring (never left the ring without a ribbon), and has matured into one of the best producing bitches of all time. Juicy is truly a one of a kind dog, she set the bar very high. We were extremely lucky to be able to build our program around her. Thank you to Clayton Mayle at For Real bullies for producing such a special litter (littermates GrCh Dia, Ch Blackout, Sade) and giving us the opportunity to own Juicy Fruit. The RIP Heartbreaker x RIP Suga Shaq breeding is up there as one of the most influential domestic american bully breedings. That breeding spawned some of the biggest names in the bully world of today and yesterday.... Gr Ch Dia, Ch Juicy Fruit, Sade, Blackout, Ch Littles, Vin Diesel, Ch Lil Fruit, Masterpiece, Onyx, Razors Edge Powder, Jenny Juice, Maximus, Gr Ch Dirty Bird, Animal,  just to name a few.



        Sire- RIP Heartbreaker                                 Dam- RIP Suga Shaq

Pedigree for For Real's Juicy Fruit of AK

"PR" Concrete Pits Mr. Heartbreaker

Bullseye Nemesis

GRCH Razors Edge Big Tyme of Top Class

Razors Edge TrueBlues GloryBoy

Razors Edge Lil Blue Koala

Razors Edge Top Class Rocca

Razors Edge Welcome To The Edge

Razors Edge Keena Claddaugh

Concrete Pits Black Chyna

Razors Edge Biggie

CLP Razors Edge Shortshot

CLP Razors Edge Diamond

Youngs Maybe its Maybeline

Razors Edge Bullseye Most Wanted Manu

River Citys Top Class Kiana

"PR"CentexPits Rhinos Suga Shaq

Ironkast White Rhino

Mikelands Kracker Jack

Gottylines 21 Blackjack

Mikelands Blue Grace

Mikelands Black Ghost

Mr Gray

L S Candy

Centex Pits Dark Angel

Gottylines 21 Blackjack

Coldens Blue Rhino

Caliblues Doja

Certified Blue Towns Baby

Certified Black Shaq

Krzypits Buggeyes

Juicy's Show Wins:

-1st place (0-6mo) Female Bully Kingdom BBQ 08 

-3rd place ABKC (0-6 mo) Female ATL Bully Palooza 08

-1st place ABKC (6-12 mo) Female Bama TDK Show 08


-1st place (7-11 mo) Houston All Star BullyFest 08



-1st place (4-8mo) ABKC Female, Royal Flush BBQ 08


-1st place (4-8mo) ABKC Female, Memphis Bully Expo 08

1st place (amy), 2nd place (skip) ABKC (8-12 mo) 08 TN Bully Cup

-1st place ABKC (8-12 mo) and overall best female 08 Atomic Dogg/ABKC Nationals. Los Angeles, CA

-1st place ABKC pocket female and overall best female 08 Bama Super Bully 2


-3rd place ABKC (1-2yr) pocket female 09 ATL Bullypalooza 3

-1st place ABKC (1-2) pocket female and best overall pocket female 09 Gator Nation Bully BBQ

-1st place ABKC (1-2) pocket female and best overall pocket female 09 Maryland Bully Expo 2










770-658-9237- Austin   *   Racheal - ABKC Senior Judge